Thursday, 17 June 2021

What's going on?

 Recently, given the dire state of the planet, I switched my gas supplier to a very well known (in the UK) vendor of such things.

    Feeling a little smug and delighted with my own gumption in helping the planet, I thought no more of it for a while, until:

    Something began to nag at what passes for my brain.

    Before the new gas began to arrive a week or so later, I completely failed to spot the presumably thousands of construction workers, dozens of heavy bulldozers and other industrial equipment digging up my front garden, the street, and in fact scouring the land for hundreds of miles in order to lay a pipe directly from the refinery that was to supply me with this wonderful green-ness.

    Which brings me to just one conclusion.

    I'm still getting the same old c**p as I was before.

    Which part haven't I understood?

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