Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Some people are so stupid.

The British National Health system is envied by many countries, although, not as a lot of people believe, because it's free. It isn't. We have to pay for it. 

    At the moment Covid has almost crippled it, and I know why.

    Until last week my local supermarket had people stationed at the front door, insisting that customers entering, squirted some anti-bacterial gel on their hands, and wore a mask. They've gone now. I suppose they also have staff off sick. But,  from the moment the gel guard disappeared, people simply stopped putting it on their hands. Yesterday, I watched as the ten people before me entered, and not one put the gel on. Three of them weren't even wearing masks, and not one of them were elderly or very young. 

    The police are still breaking up illegal parties of one hundred plus and people are still behaving like there's nothing wrong. And now social media has been vomiting news like immunisation is the work of Satan, and people are believing it. We have three entirely separate injections being issued and still some people are refusing to take it.

    I'm just going to hide inside the house and when all the brain-dead are gone, the world will be a much better place.

    This is the first depressing blog I've ever written and I didn't enjoy it.

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