Thursday, 14 September 2017

Editing editing.

I got an unexpected day off today which gave me time for more editing. I'm now half way through the book and have enlarged it by about seven pages. That means by the end, the word count should be close to where I usually like it. 

    Several dozen plot twists removed and a couple I forgot about enlarged a little and it's shaping up quite nicely. But as usual I'll do it a few more times before burdening my wonderful beta readers. I can't force another badly typed, almost deranged piece of muck on them again. It's hard enough to get people to read my stuff, as all the writers out there will know.

    Here's my idea for the cover. I was going to fill in the background but have decided that this is enough. Or at least I hope so. As always I might just change my mind completely as I have on several occasions. I wanted to make it slightly rude but not enough to offend people. If anyone does find it more than mildly objectionable let me know and I'll rethink it.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Just tripled my broadband speed.

For a very reasonable four pounds I just increased my broadband speed from 40Mb, supposedly, to perhaps 100, but definitely 80mb.

    Ten years ago I worked for a company whose head office was in Singapore. Even then they boasted a broadband speed of a 1gb, yes you read it correctly. And they thought nothing of it.

    Yet even with this increased speed I bet I'm still down to dial up speed when the little swi.. darlings in my area come home from school and begin snapchatting and facebooking themselves into oblivion, despite having done it all day long when they were supposed to be learning stuff in school.

    I don't care what my wife says; I'm not a grumpy old git.

Editing with a vengeance.

I'm almost half way through the first of myriad edits of my new novel. I don't drink anymore and haven't for over a decade so I wonder how I could have three chapters 6's and no chapter eight or nine. No matter, that's what editing is all about.

    And as usual I've begun deleting the exploratory plot twists that didn't work out and in some cases apparently forgot about by the next page. It's fun but I can't wait to begin my next book. The only problem is that I don't get much spare time anymore so I don't even know when I'll be finished with Sods Law let alone get onto the next.

    Here's something I've been working on with my new painting program. clearly I've got a long way to go before I approach even bad. Working with oil, even simulated, is tough going. I'm beginning to admire the artists who actually paint with the real stuff.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Another film of Ellie.

Nothing's going on so I thought I'd show you  my daughter taking my favourite pony for a walk.

    Although, I'm not entirely sure who's taking whom for a walk.

    It's better if you have the sound turned on - she's not in the best of moods. Or perhaps that's just her standard mood, I'm not sure.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

It's finally finished.

Sod's Law is finally rit.

    When I say finished, what I mean is that the first draft is finished. It's only 85k words which is a little light for me but no doubt as I start filling in details on the edits it'll flesh out a bit.

    As I predicted and like always when I write a new novel the end is slightly different from how I envisioned it, but I think it's better this way.

     Now I'll take a few weeks off then begin the first of the countless rewrites when it might completely change again. 

    I'm still not entirely sure about the cover. Some people might think it's a bit rude, and even with that it's a little spartan. Now that I've got time to play with my new painting program I might just add something to it. Dunno. For now I'm just happy that it's done. 

    With luck I hope to publish it in about six months.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Someone's digging a hole under my house.

For the last ten years I've been popping into the local Virgin media shop every few months and asking/pleading for them to cable my house. And every time they've said no.

    My current service provider gives me about 40Mb broadband, which sounds good, and would be were there not fifty trillion children living in my general area. All of which means, that come the end of school, or at any time over the weekend I'm down to dial up speed and that's despite having fibre broadband.

     Fifteen years ago I thought a 14. 4 dial up speed was pretty good. It only took me three hours to download Netscape Navigator (that's an old browser) and a measly six hours to download an 8 bit game which kept me amused for almost a week. But as soon as broadband came along my life was complete.

    That was before I moved into current house which is as far as it can physically be from the farthest node, which in turn is as far as is physically able to be from the farthest exchange.

    So you can imagine my thrill(ment) today when I returned from work to find an enormous great trench down my street and twenty men with enormous drills making it even wider and deeper as I watched. Could it be, I mused before rushing upstairs and waiting to find Virgin media on my clockwork speed internet connection. Then armed with their number I finally spoke to them.

    "Yes," the man said. "We are indeed cabling your street." My paroxysms of joy almost caused me to drop the phone into my mug of cold tea. "And," he continued happly, "in less than eighteen months we can wire you up."

    18 months? I just turned sixty. I might be dead by then!!!!! 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The end of the world.

I sneer, although it's probably hard to believe of timid little me, but I really sneer at all those poor fools walking into lampposts, or cars or out into the middle of the road because their entire world is SnapBook or FaceGram or any other of the myriad apps for distancing ones self from real life.

    There's never a day that goes past that I don't pleasantly enquire of my daughter (allegedly) and her fiance as to whether they ever actually speak to each other as they enter the house with respective faces glued to whatever smartfone has taken their fancy this week. 

    There is a real world out there I keep telling them and anyone else foolish enough to listen to me. Thus safe within my own conceit I was horrified last night to discover that the internet had gone down. Horrors!!!!

     It was dead and nothing was working. Blind panic and dread washed over me as I realised that I was cut off from the world. What was I to do? Alas and alack, the terror gripped me. Quivering with dread I went to bed to endure a long sleepless night.

    This morning it had been glued together again. So all is alright, and I can go back to being a sanctimonious old git.