Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Five down and ???? more to go

 I've just finished the fifth edit of Kongomato 4

    As always, it's amazing that I keep picking up errors I should have picked on edits 1 to 4.

It's beginning to shape nicely. And that's in no small part to an free on-line punctuation checker I discovered. It doesn't see spelling errors, or errant capitals and full stops but it does remind my of my proclivity for adjectives and nags me unceasingly, just like my English language teacher used to, about following conjunctions with commas. Although, just as with him, I still don't believe it's been engraved in stone that it must be done every single time.

     I'm back on furlough again in a couple of weeks. I'll use the time to finish and publish it. I still don't know if I'll ever write another. I decided that twenty was enough for me, but as I'd already begun and abandoned it the year before, I had to finish. There again, I still have five unfinished novels, two of which are on floppy disc. Does that mean I'll still be doing this til the day I die? I could think of worse things to do.

    I've been staring longingly at this, wot I drew with some software a couple of years ago. We weren't allowed to go on holiday this year so this is the closest thing I'll get to the sea in the near future, no doubt.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Finished the cover for my new novel, definitely.

I think.

    I don't do layers. There are two reasons for this. Real painters don't have layers, so they have to get it right first time.

    There's another reason. I don't understand them. I've tried zillions of times to get layers right. Occasionally it works and what I paint looks (reasonably) good. Then when I try to do it again, exactly the same way, it won't work the next time.

   My wife, (She who must be obeyed) has always said I'm a dumbkopf, although her language has always been a little more obscene than mine, because I'm a good boy.

    Anyhow, enough messing about. This is mark v1 and is absolutely the final cover for my new novel - probably.

    Maybe I am a ****** because I just cannot insert images into my blog with the new improved version. Maybe I should get a new, improved version of me.

Friday, 28 August 2020

Typed my fingers to the bone.

The first edit of Kongomato 4 went well, I thought.

    It only took three days. So imagine my surprise on the second edit when I discovered the enormous, gaping plot hole I'd missed, requiring me to rewrite three whole chapters just to put it right. Why didn't I get it the first time?

    I wonder what monumental errors I'll find on the third go, which won't be for a couple of weeks because my holiday is nearly over.

    I don't really mind: that is what the editing bizz is all about after all.

    I think I'll repaint the cover. It's not as good as I originally thought. Probably the wine.

    Time to flash up GIMP once more.

    Whilst investigating a flash drive I'd forgotten about I found this, my original cover for Three Hoodies 1. Maybe when I edit it again I might change after I've tarted it it up a little.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

I didn't get much sleep last night so I painted.

A whole night of sleeplessness left me with lots to do, so I started painting the cover for my new book. 

    After after almost a whole bottle of wine I came up with this, on the basis that the style has to look similar to all the covers preceding it. I may keep it or do another.

    For the tracers, I finally gave up on all the clever tutorials on layer masks and all the other stuff I couldn't understand, and put a ruler on my tablet, then just drew along them. Some of them are a bit wobbly, but then attacked by hoards of flying lizards my aim might not have been all it should be. I think the writing may be a bit dark, but this time I finally kept an Xcf file meaning I can go back and sort it out. 

    Tomorrow it's back to rewrite number two.

Saturday, 22 August 2020

I'm on holiday, so...

Normally when I finish the first draft of a book I leave it alone for a couple of weeks at least before starting the edits. However, as my boss has (foolishly) kindly allowed me two weeks holiday I've already done the first edit. The book is now fifteen pages longer than it was before. I wonder how it will eventually end. Of course  I had to explain the gore and torn bodies with much more detail than before so that took up a few pages, and dumping all the sub plots and avenues that I'd completely forgotten about subtracted almost ten more.

    Still, it's all part of the game. 

    The cover is coming along well but I'll leave that until its finished.

    Here are the first three. I'll have to make it along the same lines, but hopefully better this time.

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Kongomato 4 is done.

Today I finished (the first draft) of Scions of Kongomato, which is to say that it's not really finished at all.

    As usual I'll rewrite it at least twenty times before I'm satisfied - not that I'm ever really satisfied. It's also a little shorter than my usual faire at only 90030 words. But there's always something I forgot and subsequent edits will probably put a few thousand more, or less depending on how it goes.

    The only problem is that I usually write on my tablet when I'm supposed to be working. Editing can only be done on my computer at night, and as I never get home from work until it's nearly morning, I don't know when or how I'm going to do it.

    pfaa - details. I'm happy that I managed over two hundred pages in three weeks. I wonder if I'll still be alive and kicking when I finish the final draft. I have to admit though, that as it's the final book in this series, forever, I kind of outdid myself with blood and gore, and had a great time doing it.

    Needless to say, this is not the cover.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

I know I just lost my phone but...

If it were possible to monetize stupidity then most of Britain's population would be millionaires.

    We're just getting over (the first wave) of a virus more deadly than anything since the Spanish flu of 1919. Over forty five thousand people have died. Forty five thousand grieving families. Even though common flu and various other factors like allowing people to drive cars and motorbikes who, in fact, shouldn't be allowed to touch anything more mechanically sophisticated than a child's scooter, take out far more than that every year.

    And yet. And yet, even though we're allowed a lot more freedom, people are simply ignoring the urging of the government to wear masks, and gathering together in groups that simply must pass the virus to yet more people. As if to say "I haven't got it and never will, so there." How many more will have to perish, or how broke must this country become before people pull their collective fingers out of their collective rear ends and take heed.

    I'm afraid to go out. Not so much because of Covid but of the career cretins that seem to make up this country.