Saturday, 16 June 2018

It's only taken me ten years.

I've been posting on Blogger for almost a decade but finally I've done something I should have years ago.

    I've added another page with some of what I believe is my best artwork.

    It's cunningly entitled "Some of my artwork."

    You should have waited another twenty you might say. And perhaps you're right, but at least it's another way of storing my images which took a long time to paint, but more to the point, gave me a lot of pleasure.

I just won the National Lottery - again

I may be one of the few people who can honestly boast that I've won the National Lottery six times on the trot.

    I don't know how it is for the rest of the world, but in Blighty the National Lottery has six numbers.

    Get all six and one is soon to be rolling in dosh.

    Win five and the bonus ball and the windfall isn't quite as huge but still an awful lot of money.

    Four numbers and it's a few dozen quid.

    Three, and we get about seventy.

    If one is lucky enough to get two numbers, well the reward is a free lucky dip for the lottery of our choice.

    I've just got two numbers and a lucky dip, yet again. I won that lucky dip from a lucky dip, and that was from a lucky dip also. The one before that was from, you guessed it, a lucky dip.

    In fact all six wins have been from lucky dips.

    Now don't misunderstand me. I love winning the National Lottery, but just once what I'd really love is to win some actual money.

    Royal Ascot begins next week. You all know what I do for a living.

    Oh, Joy!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

My first painting with Gimp 2.10

This is my first effort with 2.10 - something or other. 2.10 was really unstable. Just like me according to "She"

    This is the upgrade. It still crashes a lot but apparently it's a lot better than the previous version, unfortunately in functions that I never use. However, it's free and a lot of people have put a great deal of effort into making as good/better than Photoshop. Whether they've achieved this I'll never know because I can't afford PS and I only only use a fraction of the tools in GIMP. One day I shall have to investigate layers.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Lancaster bomber just flew over my house.

This isn't the kind of thing you see every day, so imagine my surprise when a Spitfire

and a hurricane
roared over just twenty seconds later.

    Had world war three begun? I know the budget cuts have been severe. We've even dumped all the Harrier Jump Jets, and those euro fighters are a pile of junk. But, really, seventy year old aircraft to fight a war??????

    That's when I realised that it was trooping of the colours for the Queen today.

    I love the sound of those Merlin engines.

    It's been two months since I published my new novel. Sales figures are in and they aren't exactly impressive.


    Perhaps if I'd actually told anyone I might have shifted a few. That's where my writing gene is slightly warped. I love writing, and as I may have mentioned, I'd love a Porsche. But ultimately I just can't be bothered to advertise.

    So, back to novel twenty one. Naughty Mister Snodden is planning how to blow up the boarding school, complete with two hundred and forty snivelling brats.

    Pretty soon my hero will take action. Unfortunately he doesn't know anything about it, least of all the fact that he's a hero in the making. 

    I'm having fun.

    Oh, and this new forced update to Windows 10 is rubbish.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Just one smiley pic today.

This was my fault. I admit it. Cross country training on Salisbury Plains - fun but messy. Fortunately it only took another truck and about five minutes to put it the right way up.

    The rest of my company (I was in the Royal Marines at the time) were less than amused upon discovering the thirty cases of beer we'd snuck onto the exercise were in my vehicle.

    Said beer was a little lively on being opened later - as was I, running away to prevent my genitals from being extracted with pliers.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

No smiley pics today.

After thirty five years Louis, my daughter's pony, reached the end of the line.

    At a whopping 35, which according to my calculator, is almost 90 in our years, his Cushings and Laminitis and inevitably age, finally caught up with him.

This was my feeble attempt to paint him. 

    I believe the vet might have given him a little more of the stuff she used than was necessary for the sake of my daughter because he was gone peacefully in under two minutes.

    I used to call him Limping Louis in my lighter moments, but Leaping Louis isn't limping anymore. If there really is a heaven, I hope he's galloping round an eternal pasture.

I'll miss him.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Another picture to make me smile.

I came across this grumpy chap a few days ago in a forest.

    The fact that a woodpecker was enlarging his eye at the time couldn't have helped.

Nobody ever hugs me!!

Good news - for me anyway.

    After a lot of faffing about I finally got GIMP 10.02 working. I just knew they'd released ver 10 too early.

    No matter. It seems to be working fine now. Especially since I saved myself about a billion gig by not downloading all the translations.