Sunday, 27 May 2018

No smiley pics today.

After thirty five years Louis, my daughter's pony, reached the end of the line.

    At a whopping 35, which according to my calculator, is almost 90 in our years, his Cushings and Laminitis and inevitably age, finally caught up with him.

This was my feeble attempt to paint him. 

    I believe the vet might have given him a little more of the stuff she used than was necessary for the sake of my daughter because he was gone peacefully in under two minutes.

    I used to call him Limping Louis in my lighter moments, but Leaping Louis isn't limping anymore. If there really is a heaven, I hope he's galloping round an eternal pasture.

I'll miss him.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Another picture to make me smile.

I came across this grumpy chap a few days ago in a forest.

    The fact that a woodpecker was enlarging his eye at the time couldn't have helped.

Nobody ever hugs me!!

Good news - for me anyway.

    After a lot of faffing about I finally got GIMP 10.02 working. I just knew they'd released ver 10 too early.

    No matter. It seems to be working fine now. Especially since I saved myself about a billion gig by not downloading all the translations.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Pictures to make me smile.

I've been away for a while, but now I'm back and will begin blogging again once I've gouged the rust out of my keyboard.

The first picture to make me smile.

    This is my grandchild. My baby is actually having a baby!! It should make me feel old but I don't care. Don't know what persuasion of child it is yet. They don't tell us over here in case we do away with it. It's a stupid old rule so we'll just have to wait. 
If anyone does work out whether it's a boy or girl, please don't tell me, I'm enjoying the suspense.

Second smiley picture.
    Harley doesn't sleep, he just hits the pillow and dies. If I could just get one hour's uninterrupted sleep at night I call it a victory. That little rat get's about twelve - lucky little sod.

   Third picture. This doesn't make me smile; more like sneer since it's the worst thing I've every painted. I'll keep it, though, just to remind me of how much better I can do.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Time for a mini gripe - athon

I haven't complained for a while so now I think it's time. This is only to get it off my chest since if I so much as say anything other than "yes madam" to "She", she'll swat me.

    For six years I've been salivating over the completion of GIMP 2.10, and today it arrived.

    I loaded it up, sweating in anticipation.

    Lovely splash screen, nice speed - until the error messages began. I've never seen so many in my life. If I'm to believe the amount of missing DLL's then I must have none at all, yet if that were the case then nothing would have worked before.

    I uninstalled and tried again, this time getting it from a different source. Same thing - nothing. It just don't work. Then I spent an hour finding the previous version, since GIMP had kindly deleted 2.8 from my comp on installation.

    All is well now. I'll just have to wait a little while longer until they sort it out. Stable version my starboard buttock!!


    As you can see I got bored at the end of my latest painting and will probably get back to it sometime.

    Whine number two

    In the last month I've been through four brand new phones. We all know how long it takes to set up a new phone, now multiply that by four.

    The problem is that other than the magnificent eight core processors and batteries that last forever, they just don't work. In fact I must be the person the phone shops are all waiting for; someone who actually demands an older phone running Android Lollipop.

    Since it's clear that Nougat (ver 7) is absolutely rubbish, or just hates me, I'll just have to wait until I can afford something running Orio, and hope they've fixed the GPS which just doesn't work for more than ten minutes at a time. My boss has been very understanding about me rebooting the phone every fifteen minutes but his patience can only last so long.

    Tomorrow I go back to work with my brand new/old phone. I pray the satnav works like it used to on my antediluvian HTC which finally bit the dust a few weeks ago.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Is it just my imagination?

I had to accompany someone to the hospital today.

    Upon looking over my shoulder in the car park, I found someone looking over mine.


   When you get really close it's just someone's sloppy brushwork, but If it was him then it's a very comforting feeling. 

    If it turns into a shrine, then it'll be a very expensive one. It costs about a pound a minute to park there.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I discovered something I forgot about.

A few years ago (I can't remember when since I already converted the MS to TextMaker and erased the original registry date,) I wrote this. It was going to be a long novel which is why I probably lost interest at page 47.

    Curiously, its going to be a Scifi novel. I might start it up again, since just for a change, I know how it will end.

    Spitfires and black holes: who'd have thought it.

The Spitfire’s death was fiery and extended.
     After an uneven descent punctuated by several barking coughs from its smoking engine, the aircraft’s undercarriage began to unfurl from its uniquely shaped wings. Or at least part of it did. One wheel descended properly, in jarring counterpoint to the other side: a jagged strut protruding starkly at an angle the designer had never envisaged. That and the shattered tail boded ill for the once beautiful but now mortally crippled aircraft.
      The pilot must have been injured and missed the both emergency flares, his peril compounded by the Luftwaffe raid of the previous night which had destroyed both radios. In a furious attempt to do something the fire crews raced forward, blue lights flashing and sirens bellowing in a futile attempt to keep up.
    Moments later one wheel gently touched the wet and newly cut grass of the improvised airstrip. For a few seconds longer its final flight remained serene before the fractured wheel strut dug in, slewing the plane in a sweeping cartwheel until the opposite wing tip touched the ground. The wood and canvas frame held briefly, long enough to pivot the entire machine back into the air one last time before the wing finally snapped off at the fuselage, hurling debris in every direction as the plane lurched downwards. Beneath the eruption of fuel, coolant and oil the shattered aircraft finally halted on what was left of its right side. The silence lasted but seconds as the high octane fuel made contact with something hot. The resulting explosion enveloped the entire structure in a billowing cloud of smoke and steam and fire.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

I know; I'm a wimp.

I tried the blog a few times with the new format but I hated it.

    Maybe I'm just getting old. In fact, according to she whose name must be whispered, I'd make Methuselah seem young in comparison. There's no point in arguing. I've been trying it for nearly thirty five years and never won yet.

    Anyway, enough of that guff. I have a few days off. What shall I do with myself.

    I could paint (badly) or I could get on with the new book.

    But I know what I am going to do. I might have mentioned in passing that my scooter was terminally damaged in the snowstorm of a few weeks ago. Well as it's the beginning of the new tax year, and I'm broke I had to replace it, but with what I could find rather than what I wanted.

    What I ended up with is another scooter, but one with an enormous engine. so today, despite the rain I'm going for a ride, just like I used to when I was young and had a real motorbike - and a life.

    If I survive and return, I'll do something constructive later.

    Or maybe I won't. There's a marathon NCIS on TV this afternoon. 

    It's a tricky one.