Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yah hey. Got Kongomato into smashwords

I've been accepted for premium distribution by smashwords  for my novel Kongomato. I was expecting a whole raft of problems but as I sent them the same copy as I did to Kindle, they didn't find anything to complain about and it only took three days.

   Come the Valentine's book hop next week I'll give away a few copies to anyone who wants to be revolted, mortified, or if they're like me, just enjoy the thought of people being torn apart by a prehistoric reptile in London.I know a few I'd like to be top of the list.


 I washed the motorbike today. It's about ten pounds light now all the salt has been scoured off. I suppose that will be natures' prompt to visit upon us another blizzard.


  1. Congrats Roger! Love that cover, too. :-)

  2. Why thank you. Since then I've entered another novel, and tomorrow I'm going to upload my wierd short story collection. I'm still under bondage to Amazon for my last novel but I'll be free in a few weeks. Might as well broaden my market.

  3. Yay! I like Smashwords. And giving away free copies? People will love it. It's some of your best work.

  4. Yay! congrats! :D I need to get to work on my blog hop stuff...

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