Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back at last.

You know when you've been driving too fast for too long and whenever you close your eyes you can still see the motorway/freeway rushing past in you mind? Every time I blink I can see incomprehensible French road signs rushing past at 130 mph. Not that I would ever drive at that speed because it would be illegal.
   I didn't get to the beach. After almost ten years of driving boats in the south of France my skin was the colour of mahogany. Then one day I found a spot on my leg had become larger. It turned out to be benign, but the doctor said that I should stop being a fool and keep out of the sun. So theses days I'm the pale figure you see feverishly darting about lest even a single ray of sunshine land upon his pallid little body. I never could do anything in moderation.
   Anyway. I've begun completely rewriting my two four part novels which I hope someone will buy. And given that publishers want first rights I removed both of the previous versions from Lulu and Amazon. Not that I made much money. Or any at all to be precise. I'll keep them on smashwords which really defies my own logic but I don't care.
  I was asked to guest blog last week. It was an honour. Here's the address if anyone is so bored that they have nothing else to do:
  It's a great blog. Hers I mean. I wish mine was as good looking.
  I got a manuscript back through the post yesterday. It's been so long since I sent it that I'd forgotten all about it. And the agency to which I'd sent it just said no thanks without putting in a piece of paper reminding me who they were. So I'm none the wiser.
  I will not be thwarted.

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  1. Thank you for your compliment. But your writing is wonderful. I wish I could write like you.
    I'm sorry about the rejection, but it's not the only agency. You are smart not to let it stop you. Your writing is too good for that.