Sunday, 28 July 2013

More painting, more whinging and still I'm not allowed to sleep!

She who must be obeyed, or at least avoided when she's carrying a knife, decided that since I'd only worked twelve hours on my day off, we should chat. Now I fully understand after 30 years of marriage that grass needs cutting, walls papering and heartfelt assurances that bums do not look big in that and "no, my beloved, you're as pretty as the day I married you". Yet this did not happen on my return as the dreaded soaps were in full swing, for which I was grateful. 

   Unfortunately at 04.30 this morning; coincidently the time we used to ambush people in the Royal Marines as it's estimated people's constitutions are at their lowest and more prone to stupidity and death - which should really have prepared me for marriage, I was awoken by her elbow.
   Thinking that the roof may have fallen in, a burglar had chosen us as his preferred target, or WW3 had just begun, I was somewhat disappointed to be told that it was time to change the living room floor. 

   My natural reluctance to discuss such a mundane matters amid the terrified cries of foxes fleeing from my daughter's feline from hell was met with a strange irritation.

   "You never want to talk any more!"

   "I'm always overjoyed to talk with you my petal, my linnet. But does it have to be in the middle of the bl**** night?"

   Suffice to say that she wouldn't let it rest and half an hour later I was exiled from the bedroom. I know I should have learnt by now. I suppose there's just something missing in my make-up.

  I do try, honestly.

   Here's the painting I did as foxes whimpered and the cat's coven of thugs howled in triumph.

Wishful thinking, perhaps.


  1. Hmm. Must be something in the air. While you were exiled, did you at least measure the room?
    As for the painting, perfect. I love it.

  2. Thanks; I do sort of like it.
    As for the room, no I didn't. I absolutely refuse to lay a new floor since the last one just "had" to be wood. So it stays until the woodworm eat it, or me.

  3. I am trying very hard to remove the smile from my face, but it’s just not happening! It’s a lovely painting, but you could have measured and laid a new floor in the time it took to do that!! :)

  4. In the same time I could also have gone to the garage, picked up a large hammer and...

  5. love the painting. YouAre so talented! i used to paint and draw. maybe in my next Life I'll pick it up again.

    stay well.

  6. Thank you but the monitor is very kind to my stuff. My daughter thinks it's rubbish and walked of with a haughty sniff after telling me that my sea's the wrong colour. I'm not sure exactly what she means.

  7. love the painting. Flooring is an important discussion, you know ;)