Sunday, 7 August 2011

I don't know what I was on

I don't drink (any more) and I don't do drugs so I don't know what I'd swallowed when I painted this. However it does give me a good ideas for a story.
  I'm editing two books at the moment. They are the first and third books of my first series. I don't know whether that's a terrible idea or just a bad one. Although they both have the same characters, both have different plot lines so it doesn't feel as if they're the same. I don't know why I don't just finish one and then move onto the next. But since I'm now editing the first for the umpteenth time I get bored very quickly, and as I've just picked up a plot hole that should have been filled in at the first edit, I'm just as likely to find similar plot holes in the third.
  I haven't got a guest this week. Manly because I forgot to ask one. I've been a bit busy trying to find work in a country where there is apparently none.


  1. Roger, you sound frustrated. If it's because you can't find work, I understand. And then editing - uck. That's what I'm doing; again and again and again...
    The painting is interesting. It is as though you were in a dreamstate when you painted it. Hence, the bed floating. The chess table with one chair is interesting to. "Calling Dr. Freud. STAT. Dr. Freud." Hey, these things you do are your imagination throwing ideas at you, and you are smart enough to catch them.

  2. Thanks. My wife just says that it confirms her assertion that I'm unbalanced.

  3. Roger, all creative people are unbalanced. I'm surprised we don't all fall over when we walk. Our creativity is often our release of stress and anxiety anyway. At least it is for me.