Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Looney British

In case anyone was wondering, not everyone is England is a drunken thug. Nobody here knows why all these people are trashing the county, either. Today was the first time I've ever feared for my daughter's life in my own home. And if you believe Blackberry, hordes of rampaging morons are sweeping across London destroying everything in their wake.
  People are talking, and some demanding the army, rubber bullets and water cannons. I saw all this stuff when I was a Royal Marine in Belfast in the 70's. If it ever happens I'm moving out.


  1. I'm lost here. I guess I'll have to look at UK news. The world is changing. Lack of respect is showing up in all free nations. Our area used to be so safe. Now, gang members ride through at times. Is there a decent place to live anymore?

  2. There is an island called St Helens in the Indian ocean. It's a British protectorate with zero crime rate.