Thursday, 29 September 2011

In search of a non-vampire novel

After hearing unsubstantiated and  possibly libellous rumours of a newly published novel containing nary a single reference to either vampires or witches, on Saturday I plan on sprinting down to one of London's largest book shops to witness this incredible event. Imagine my ecstasy upon entering, my first time since the fiftieth and hopefully final novel of aforementioned HP, to find not a single adolescent of indeterminate gender dressed like something from my worst nightmare screaming maniacally whilst hoping for a autograph from said imaginary witch. Oh, and I don't want to be pedantic, well actually I do, but shouldn't Harry B***** Potter be referred to as a warlock?
  Dare I hope that this rumour could be the actual truth? 
  Could it be possible that witch/vampire fervour has finally left London? Other rumours from shady web sites, hold that there are other novelists out there actually writing books entirely divorced from the subject of witchcraft of bloodsucking. I can't quite imagine, or remember what those subjects might be, my memory doesn't stretch that far back. However I wait in tremulous pleasure.


  1. Sad, isn't it? The numbers of these books written is overwhelming. Just look at blogs and books in this genre. And most of them are - trash. Talk about poor writing.

    Sorry. It would have created a fervor to call HP a warlock.
    1. (Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) a man who practises black magic; sorcerer
    2. (Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) a fortune-teller, conjuror, or magician

    and of course, Harry was a sweet young man.

  2. Thanks, I'll remember that, but really I was just being stroppy for the sake of it. I've just finished another twenty seven hour stint at work.