Monday, 14 November 2011

Change of plan - again.

It occurred to me in a rare bout of original thought that I was digging myself into a hole. Albeit a literary hole, but a hole is a hole is a, etc etc.

   My annual idea informed me that if I finished the third novel in my four novel series, then that would provoke a whole mountain of editing since I've yet to finish the editing the previous two. Thus after some very kind advice and even kinder help from DM Yates, and her excellent blog, "Believe In Yourself", which is full of inspiration, I decided to actually finish the first one and put it into Amazon. Not only that but to do it in actual paperback as well as in electronic form.

   So that's what I'm going to do. And as I get closer to that date in about three weeks time, I'll be posting my cover in the hope that someone will tell me that it's either good enough, or just rubbish. I can take either piece of news because I want it to be right.

  So back to the editing.


  1. I am honored that you've mentioned me. I made this same decision over a year ago - to prepare just one book for now. Please let me know when you are on Amazon. Good luck. It's a great book.