Thursday, 26 April 2012

I made a mistake.

When I finished the last edit of Three Hoodies, I removed the page numbers for Kindle. Then when I put them back, I forgot to use the special way of excluding the foreword pages. Now my paperback version has page numbers in the foreword, so the actual novel begins at page four.

   Is this a heinous offence, worthy of my being beaten to death with my keyboard, or I wonder if people will simply assume that the rest is just as bad. Unfortunately it's too late for this edition. If I sell some copies I'll upload a second edition properly fomratted. Who knows, the first might become a collectors piece purely because of the mistake.

   Who am I kidding.


  1. You can make the changes and then approve the proof copy online (no need to order another proof), and once you make the corrections and approve it, that corrected edition will be for sale.

  2. I should have spotted that. Thank you very much. I'll do it for my Old Geezers.