Sunday, 29 April 2012

I sold a paperback

I actually sold a paperback and I didn't even beg. How cool is that?

   On a more serious note, I was working hard this afternoon and fancied a change of pace. So I stuck on La traviata - a beautiful piece of music. Unfortunately I suddenly realised that two of my characters were about to kiss. I couldn't have that. It's supposed to be a horror novel after all.

  So I put black Sabbath back on at full volume. Normal service has been resumed. Up to my knees in blood and guts.

   I'm okay now but it was a close thing.

   Hopefully the person who bought Three Hoodies will enjoy it and recommend it to others - the best kind of advertising.


  1. Congratulations, Roger. How fun.

  2. Nothing like a bit of distorted guitar to make the creative juices stir.

  3. ..Awww... a bit of kissing never hurt anyone!!!

  4. I wasn't your first mystery customer, but I may have been your second. (I hope you don't mind too much that I used Amazon and not Createspace as I have an account with them.) I'm really looking forward to reading it and then I will be passing Three Hoodies on to my teenage son. You will then be facing your most daunting critic - teenage youth - be afraid ... be very afraid

    Seriously though I'll give you a review from both of us - we are currently home schooling our son and I am responsible for English so I am going to set it as an official assignment - contemporary literature hot off the press!

  5. I hope you enjoy it but please don't confuse this with English literature. My boys speak the way all teens converse over here, which is to say not really English at all but some strange foreign language which I barely understand.
    I tried to make them speak properly but my seventeen year old daughter laughed and snorted.

    1. That's what I am looking forward to. I think its why literature can grow - being able to convey the present with all its strange new customs and quirks of language and not be stuck in a stilted past!

    2. The only thing is, all the new buzz words that I used in this are now, just a few months later, old fashioned and "Just so last week."