Saturday, 14 April 2012

Too clever for my own good.

I uploaded Old Geezers to Kindle. Here's the address if you want to look:

   Unfortunately, I also got straight onto CreateSpace. I'm so clever, I thought. I managed to upload it and fix all the editing problems within one hour. That's not bad since it took me three days the last time. Now it's finished, and even the C/S web site says its fine.

   In fact it wasn't until I was in the supermarket buying more nursery food for my brain that I realised that I'd missed something out.

   I forgot to put in page numbers. Duuuurrrr.

   Now I'll have to wait until the review is finished; upload the new version and then wait days for the new OK before I can send off for the proof.

   I like to think that I'm just tired, but really I'm just too impatient and a bit thick.


  1. DOH! Gotta have page numbers tho. That's the nice thing about ebooks, you can revamp and reload. Hope it all goes smoothly for you!!

  2. It's all done and in review. Let's hope the proof doesn't take too long. The website says it's fine but I don't want to take the risk.