Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fell into the nightmare

The thing I've been dreading for months finally happened.

   I had to take someone to London city airport today. I've done this trip before in twenty minutes. Even in rush hour it shouldn't take more than forty minutes. 

   Today, because of the cretins who designed the London Olympic routes, it took me over two hours and required me to drive more than twice the distance just to go to the same place. I had to drive five miles in one direction; that's me and hundreds of other cars just because they wouldn't let us turn left. And on the way, because I counted them, twenty six cars passed us on the desolated Zill lane. 

   By the time I finally got back I'd aged about five years, lost about five pounds (not that that's a bad thing) and used up nearly half a tank of fuel.

   I don't care how much I'm offered, or threatened. I'm not doing it again. I know what I'd like to do with the buffoons who designed that route and it wouldn't be pretty.

   On a brighter side, I spent the rest of the day re-editing Hoodies Two. I'm ready to send it off now to Donna - what an angel she is for reading it for me.


  1. I'm embarrassed, but thank you.

    You are so much more patient than I am. I could not have done that drive. I'm sure whoever thought it up thought it would be the best route ever.

    1. Thanks, Donna.
      That's the point about the roads; the morons who created that route in London, didn't think.

  2. Roger, I feel for you!
    On another note - I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying Kongomato. I don't want to put it down - it should be made it a film. It would be brilliant!
    But (did you sense that coming), there are a few errors, will you be doing another print run? Not sure how to put that I’m not an editor or a writer, I just read a lot of books! Would it help to send you a list of the things I’ve noticed? Or would you just rather I carried on reading and enjoying it. I don't mind either way. My email is books (at) march house

  3. Thank you for your comments. and yes, I would always do another run. Please feel free to send me any mistakes. I'll fix them straight away.

  4. Ugh, traffic. I'm not a fan. Glad you survived. And congrats on getting through the sequel.

  5. Thank you. Getting ahead of myself as usual, I'm already well into the final edit of number three, and half way through number four. I know I should wait for some sales but for me it's just the writing. I'd like a Porsche but I just want to write.

  6. I hope they paid you well for that trip ;)