Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Running before I can walk

In my continuing spirit of doing absolutely everything the wrong way round. I've written the preface to Kongomato 3.

  What do you think?

Progeny of Kongomato.


The giant Gothic tower canted at an impossible angle, it’s grandeur long since faded and weather-beaten. After seven decades the famously faulty underpinning had finally given way and now it tottered, ready to collapse. The tower, incorrectly named by most, was in reality The Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben the enormous bell within would soon ring one last time as it plummeted to the ground.
   This would cause no undue concern. In fact it would provoke no reaction of any kind. All life in London had ceased a generation before. Now all that lived beneath the tower were the lowest form of insects, feverishly hiding from the dominant form of life on the planet; the enormous winged beasts prowling the sky with ceaseless energy and unquenchable hunger.


  1. If you have a good idea I always think its worth writing it down no matter where it comes in the process of things. Otherwise I often find I have lost the spark of 'brilliance' when I reach the 'correct moment'.

    The preface is great - but do you really have a world with no people?

    1. That's exactly why I wrote it down. I knew if I didn't do it immediately, I would forget it.

  2. Roger, it sounds amazing. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to reading it.
    Just keep running – you’re doing great!

    1. It may change but that's the one I'm working with at the moment.

  3. It is great. I think the Kongomato series will be one of your greatest achievements.