Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fantasy Circle Of Five

The always kind joleene Naylor has tagged me for the Fantasy Circle Of Five. 

  The rules are that we have to describe five fantasy figures we'd like to spend time with and why. Then we choose five others to pass it on to. My pass on list is at the bottom.

   First, Doctor Who but specifically Tom Baker.Totally bonkers of course; that's the character and not the man. I would love to travel trillion of miles and millions of years with a complete lunatic. Wot a ride.

   Lex Luther, arch enemy of the annoyingly nice Superman. Very brainy and always ready to get into mischief. Not a very nice character, perhaps but a great sense of humour. And it's always good to see CK alias S/M give him a slap every now and then.

   Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. I think I see a trend    coming on.
Completely without remorse and bad breath to boot. There are a few parking wardens in London I'd like him to have a word with. And think of the fun you could have with a pair of tweezers.

   Someone good for a change. Imagine a friend who could lift a mountain, has the brain the size of a planet and can drive at two hundred miles per hour. What a Saturday night you could have. And even better, absolutely no one would mess with him.

  Finally a honest to goodness fantasy figure, rather than someone just to fantasize over. Gandalf, my own wizard as a friend. Pesky trolls? Wargs, Draugluins.  One sweep of his wand, a growl or stare from those steely grey eyes and they'd be gone. All middle Earth as my playground.

I'd like to thank Joleene and leave a list of others to share their thoughts.

Kelly Hashaway
Dick Hannah


  1. Nicely done. I still have to do mine. I'd agree on Gandolf.

    1. Thanks, Donna. I could have gone on, but the list was for five and not fifty.

  2. Replies
    1. Good. I'm glad you weren't upset that they weren't all exactly fantasy figures.