Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The cat came back and she's not happy.

Now that I have a potential cover for Kongomato 3, I suppose I should actually finish Kongomato 2. So it's back to writing tomorrow.

  It's only a prototype but I've always wanted to do this to Big Ben, if only in my mind.

   Not that anyone would notice since London is always in chaos these days, and if they don't do something soon the whole city will disappear beneath the rubble as Crossrail is making all the roads subside.


   The cat reappeared two days after being stood on, almost impaled with a pizza cutter and splashed with chilli sauce. I can only imagine the poor creature's horror when she tried to lick it off. Actually, I don't have to imagine since when she turned up today the first thing she did was scratch my leg and if the look of pure malevolence on Kitty's face was anything to go by, that was just a foretaste.

  "I'm gonna get you," it said. "I know where you sleep."


  1. Oh boy...

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. I'm being very nice to her but she hasn't forgotten.

  3. That is certainly an eye catching cover - love it!
    I love hearing about your 'malevolent' cat - maybe a book of cat stories should follow Kongomato!

  4. Thank you, it's not the final version; I'm only getting the basic format. The book about the cat isn't a bad idea, provided she doesn't see me off first.

  5. I love this cover. Definitely one of the best you've ever made.
    Poor cat. And you're lucky that's all she did - scratch you. Cats have that scary way of getting even.

  6. I arrived home today to find it and another cat, black and about the size of a small puma staring at me. Neither twitched or ran away but just glared. Their warning was clear. I'm going to bed with a hammer.
    Thanks for the cover. I don't like the creature. For the final version I'm going to beef it up a little.