Monday, 24 June 2013

I can't even give a book away.

I set up a book giveaway on Goodreads. It's a paperback copy of Kongomato. Unfortunately I only gave it a two week period. Then two days later a very nice lady from Goodreads emailed me and suggested that I make it one month. Fair enough I thought, and tried to change it. 


   My give-away is pending, which means I can't get to the appropriate page. Thus I can't change it because it's pending and it won't stop pending until I do as she asks.

   Ah-ha, I thought; why not start another give-away with the time she requested.

   Nope, the computer gleefully informs me, there's already a give-away for that book, and that I should change it. But I can't - because its pending!!! and because it's pending...blah blah blah.

  In a completely different conversation, we at the Ink-Slingers league are going to begin a newsletter giving tips, and whatever news we hear about the writing biz. I'm going to give it away there, and if I have to I'll walk all the way to whichever country houses the person who wants it. 

   There has to be someone, right?



  1. Unreal. We can't live without computers, but sometimes the software is just too much trouble to deal with. I'm sorry you're having all these issues with it.
    Probably when you go to do a giveaway on a new book, this one will come out of stasis at the same time.

  2. I can only hope. And even after all this time it's still pending and won't let me change. Is it my imagination but these problems only began after they were bought, taken over, subsumed by that other company.