Saturday, 6 July 2013

A short chat with Abe - one of my Old Geezers.

I promised an interview with Amon and Abe from my Old Geezers series. However, following an “incident” between Amon and the police, he can’t be here. No details but a stripper and several bottles of whisky were involved. He’s hoping to be out in a few days despite Chet’s very kind offer of his month’s allowance to the police to keep him in jail.

    This give me the chance to introduce Abe, the youngest and I hope you don’t mind me saying, most intelligent of you all.

Abe    No I don’t mind. I suppose it’s true but you can’t mark a man solely by his academic achievements.
      That’s very profound Abe. Is it okay to call you Abe and not Abraham?

Abe    No, I haven’t used that name since I left home over, well, a long time ago. And the only other person who calls me that is… (quickly blushes; an astounding sight in an eighty year old man).

      Ah yes, Mrs Weintraub. She does have a thing for you. Now he even shudders, unconsciously looking over his shoulder to spot her lurking. I decide to change the subject from the enormous and energetic Chief Administrator of the retirement home in which they all live, who would cheerfully throttle both his friends simply to prove her devotion.

     After you destroyed the Earth it must have been a bit of a shock.
Abe    To put it mildly. All the science fiction I’ve always loved and it hit us all at the same time. He smiles, Travelling forward in time, then backwards, and I’m pretty sure sideways at the same time. It was cool and not something your regular guy would ever see.

     Or want to.
Abe   Quite likely.

     So what will you do next?
Abe   Smiles craftily. I know I shouldn’t say this but I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

     With who?
Abe    That mad ******. If we, or I don’t stop him he’s going to trash the whole world, but this time I’ve got a plan. He grins wickedly and I’m almost afraid to ask but as it turns out I don’t have to.
Abe     I’m going back in time again and I’m going to stop him before he even begins.

      Isn’t that technically impossible? You’ll cause a paradox.

      However, we’re given no more time for armchair philosophy because Amon suddenly appears after kicking open the door and tripping over my sleeping cat.
Amon    Abe, get off your ass. We gotta go!

      I soon see why. Five seconds after the cat flees, giving Amon a vicious swipe, the ominous sound of a police cruiser shatters the former peace.
      I’ll try to get Amon’s interview if I get away from the police.
     See you soon – I hope.


  1. Ok. I love the 'smiles craftily.' For some reason I'm glad he doesn't live next door.

  2. Behind that cloak of civility he's a bit dodgy.