Saturday, 10 August 2013

Less horror, more humour

I've just finished the first edit of Spawn of Kongomato. I enjoyed writing it and there will be a third in the series. There's a certain, nasty fascination in writing about destruction and death  knowing that all will be well, and in reality it's only happening in my mind.

      "With a screech of fury, Davies jumped up, grabbing Hendry’s automatic weapon lying useless on the ground. He sprang towards the creature, less than fifty feet away and with a flourish brought the gun up and directed the whole magazine into its snarling face. The wounded Cryptid now close to death juddered as the back of its skull shattered, spraying gore and brain matter all over the road. Davies roared once more, fumbling for another magazine as the creature lay its head down for the last time, its remaining eye fastened upon the enraged policeman. In that second, he screamed in agony as his eyes instantly liquefied, splashing from his cheeks as he thrashed his head from side to side, before falling headlong straight between the Cryptids jaws which closed with a bone crushing crunch about his head. Then it was dead, and between its giant, mottled fangs lay the policeman, twitching just once before lying still."

   Now I'm going to begin another edit of three Hoodies Save the world 3. My love and, hopefully, true talent. I'm looking forward to some more, juvenile humour.

  "Look,’ Howard leaned comfortably against a nearby computer that had been stripped of its sides and top and was now just a framework of pulsing lights and the occasional strangled squawk as it did something really clever, or perhaps just in the process of dying. ‘It’s going to be difficult to explain Exo-Universal boundary dynamics, so I’ll just have to think of a simile that will work.
‘Just pretend we’re stupid, okay.’
‘Howard spared Sad-case a speculative glance before continuing.
‘Imagine the universe was an apple in your hand?’
‘What colour? I like the red ones but the green one’s are a bit too sweet, and anyway…’
‘Sad-case.’ Sarah flexed her foot demonstrably. He remembered what it had almost done to him the last time and shut up.
‘Alright, a red apple. Now, if you hold it in the palm of your hand and quite close, it would look quite large.’
‘Not if your hand was big.’
         ‘Sad, I'm going to kill you in a minute!'"


  1. You've been hard at work. Both excerpts are great. I can't wait for these books.

  2. Thank you. I foresee a lot of editing but I'm cautiously optimistic.

  3. Nice work, Roger! Yep editing is the bane of our existence as writers, yet it helps us grow so much. Sounds like you're on a roll! :D

  4. Thanks. Never again will I have three books going at the same time.

  5. I like both the horror and the humor ;) But I admit to an affection for the three hoodies, lol!