Sunday, 8 September 2013

A warning - perhaps of my own incompetance

I've been using Clary Utilities for a while in favour of Ccleaner which has never, ever gone wrong.

   All was going well until today when I downloaded their latest upgrade.

   What I didn't know until I'd finished was that it had also infected my machine with something called Delta Toolbar, and equally as toxic, Browser Safeguard.

   Together they completely buggered up my machine and it's taken me four hours to repair the damage.

  Now I would never recommend that you don't use Clary - that would probably be slander, or is that libel?



  1. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Thanks for the warning.

  2. No problem. From now on I'm sticking with Ccleaner.
    Did you know it's original name was Crap Cleaner. Can't think why they changed it.

  3. This happened to me once with a different company. My husband worked for hours putting everything back the way I like it, and I'm very picky how things are set up on my computer. I really hate it when companies sneak these things in. It's obvious they're getting paid to do it.