Friday, 20 September 2013

The pony has rust and the car has caught a new disease

I've probably got that the wrong way around, but any and every new disaster seems to take on epic proportions around my house these days.

  Take last night, being selfishly asleep, my beloved (allegedly) daughter brought me back to life by almost dislocating my entire body.

   "Dad!" and when that didn't work, it being 03.30 and all,  "Dad!!"

   What, I mumbled. Had world war three started and ended whilst I was foolish enough to let down my guard?

  "Can horses catch seizures?"

   Not a difficult question to answer at that time of the morning since I probably wouldn't know in the fullness of day.

   "No, I don't think so."


   I took a moment to wonder if wedging one's own offspring into the laundry basket was a crime.

    "It's not like a disease. They're a symptom of something else..." I rambled on for another few seconds before deciding on the wisest course of action. I'm a pretty fair minded person so I opted for brevity.

   "If you ever want to ride again, go back to bed."


   "'Cos I'll bite your legs off if you don't go back to bed. In fact I'll count to three and by the time I get to one you'd better be asleep, and more importantly - gone."

   It seemed to work but for me the night was lost so I'm afraid to say I did some more painting. Sorry.

   I've also made some major inroads into three Hoodies 4, although logic dictates that I really should finish the editing of number three before it goes too far. Pretty soon I'll have begun five before three has hit the market.

although this is more the one I had in mind last night:

 Not a great painting but you get my drift.


  1. At the risk of boring you to death (I think I've requested this before) - PLEASE write a book about your family - it would be a best seller (OK I can't guarantee that), but it would be fab!

  2. I'm on it. The only thing is, my wife and daughter have unamimously agreed to slaughter me if I give the slightest geographical indication of where I live, and thus, their identity. So my postcode is.........

  3. You can tell me - I won't breath a word of it to anyone! :O)

  4. Okay, it' wait, one of them is coming - with a hammer.
    you can also see from my paintings why I never again attempted to paint people or animals.

  5. I like the 2nd painting a lot. lol My family knows better than to wake me at that hour. I hope the pony's ok.

  6. Thanks but I'm still never painting people or animals again.