Saturday, 12 October 2013

Another hectic week of nothing.

Two things happened this week. Well three if you count my smart phone regressing into utter brainlessness as I tried to upgrade from Gingerbread to whatever came next. I finally plucked up the gumption to rid myself of the single worst telephone provider in the known universe. I did this so that I could use my alleged smart phone to tether my tablet. For some reason you can’t do that on pay-as-you-go. So, after visiting the same shop twice a day for five days I finally managed to find someone actually working and did the swap. Great. Now I could tether my tablet. Except that I can’t. My tablet apparently didn’t like being bounced down the road at fifty mph when I was thrown from my motorbike. They really don't make them like they used to.
   The other thing that happened, or rather didn’t happen, was on Thursday. I don’t know of it’s the same in the US but for some reason this last Thursday is considered the best day for book sales of the whole year. Great I thought; bookmark the Porsche web site.
   I waited, and waited, checking the umpteen sites upon which my miserable novels are posted. I waited some more and then took a break and left it. Two minutes before midnight I went back, drooling about my 911’s new sonic twenty speaker set-up. I’ve fantasised the turbo to death already.
   Zero sales.
   I hate Porsche’s, anyway.

I did another painting as I just can’t seem to get the typing fingers in action.

  This is why I don't paint people or animals. Although my rocks and skies are coming on.


  1. If it’s any consolation Roger, I didn't sell any books on Thursday either!!! October is usually very good for second hand book sales, but not so this year. I’m not really complaining because I lots sold in September, and I do need to get around to listing more but blogging and ‘chatting’ with blogging pals is so much more fun!

  2. It's no consolation. I want us both to sell squillions of books. I always enjoy your blogs and I just wish my daughter wasn't so old so I could buy more books for her - and read them myself. The only thing she reads these days are texts and F/B entries ending with innit bruv?
    Just what does that mean?

    1. I just got an email telling me you had left a comment on my blog. That was some coincidence – you must have been asking me how sales went on Thursday, just as I was complaining on your blog saying they didn’t!
      I don’t expect any of my blogging friends to buy from me Roger. Customers buy from me not friends – actually that’s not quite true, because lots of customers have become friends.

  3. As long as someone buys from you. Those books are too precious to sit around on shelves.

  4. Well, at least the painting turned out nicely! It's very pretty. :)

  5. Thank you. It's not like that anymore. I have the attention span of a gnat and keep changing things.Always for the better when I begin - but that's not how it usually works out.

  6. I've never heard about the best book selling day. I think the economy everywhere is in a slump though. Don't you just love all the gadgets and how they don't work like they should? Love the painting. The person looks good to me.

  7. That's very kind, and also my piont. That's supposed to be a little girl.I'll just stick to things from now on.