Friday, 8 November 2013

Who needs two hands.

Okay, so Halloween didn't go quite without a hitch but then I didn't expect it to and my other hand should be fine pretty soon.

    In the vaguest chance that I'm the only person in the world who ever tried, don't try to lift a two hundred pound motorbike off your foot, when it a: raining, and B: when it's really, really hot, and C: when you're on the side of a road upon which five hundred cars per minute are passing at near supersonic speed.

   In a week when I couldn't write, I decided that Old Geezers 2 was in fact going to be Old Geezers 3, then after I'd begun to arrange it and done an amazing load of work given my digital impairment, suddenly realised that I couldn't without trashing the thread of the whole series. Also, the paradox (you know how I love paradoxes) would have been completely snaffued, and I've been working on that for over two years so it's back to plan A. Thank goodness for quantum time-lines.

   I should be finished with the latest edit of Book of Pain tomorrow so then it's back to edit four of Kongomato 2. Back to gore and blood and guts - lovely. Just like my own life, really but without the pleasure.

   Been doing more painting again on my tablet. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I spent months learning all about perspective but seem to have forgotten all of it in this one. So tomorrow I'll give the art world a break and get back to writing.  I'll also have a photo of my offspring's new kitten tomorrow. It weighs all of five ounces but has the attitude of a rabid fox.


  1. Wow, trying to pick up a motorbike that heavy... I like the painting. I like the way the water seems to be cascading down. Hope that's what you were going for.

  2. Actually , no. That's what I mean about giving it a rest. I'm going to change that tonight so that it becomes a pasture full of...well I don't know yet. Knowing me five legged cows.

  3. Love your perspective on the 5 lb kitten. The smaller they are the more rabid they are. Hair Ball comes to mind.

  4. I'm just putting it up now. When you see the monster you won't be so sure. Little swine nearly took one of my eyeballs out today. Perhaps I was rash in feeding it. It's already eaten half the the house.

  5. Ooh, sorry about your hand. I can imagine a motorbike is very heavy. Wow, you can paint on a tablet? I didn't even know that, but my artistic ability is limited to words. ;)

  6. I couldn't pain on anything but a tablet. I tried a mouse once but the results were horrible. Once you get the hang of looking at the screen and not at the tablet, which takes about five seconds, then it's a piece of cake. Were that my talents as good.