Saturday, 21 December 2013

Good news and, inevitably, bad.

The company which let me down so badly last week by not turning up when I had my slight water problem, have just written me a letter saying that after an internal enquiry, they find themselves to be at fault and will subsequently be sending me a cheque for £150. Just in time for Christmas. Not bad. However, this is the second time they've left me stranded; the last time being a complete power outage in the middle of winter, whereupon they gleefully told me that they weren't coming out despite my insurance being valid.
      On that occasion they found against me because apparently they'd ceased trading with the insurance company which offered the contract and I should have known despite them telling nobody that it had happened. So thanks, and goodbye.
      The bad news? I finally got round to checking Amazon's ultra fine print and discovered the reason for never getting a penny from them. Apparently the minimum threshold for getting any money out of them is £100 from the UK site and $100 from the US site. The fact that I've sold a few books (it's difficult to tell given their awful accounting system) in both the US and UK means that I have to achieve those thresholds separately. So Unless I sell enough books in both markets then I get nothing. Combined sales across the two markets (as far as I can tell) count for nothing.
     I may be wrong and I hope I am, but the end result is the same - nothing.
     On a brighter note, my Christmas holidays have just begun. Can't wait. Loads of writing and eating and my annual bottle of wine with my beloved's Christmas lunch.
     I'm getting into the swing of it now. In fact I've even stopped threatening to murder my daughter's Bengal kitten, till after Christmas day, anyway.


  1. Amazon's policy for you is totally unfair, yet they sent me 33 cents for one book that sold. Like you said though, who knows what sold because their accounting of our books is never right.
    Happy holidays to you and yours. May you enjoy every minute of it.
    As for that company, well, at least they sent you a check but really, they don't sound like the best company to deal with.

    1. Thanks, Donna and my wishes for your happy and peaceful holidays.

  2. Roger I have know idea of the workings of the these companies, it would seem I will have to read up their fine print, I have never written or published anything, I would like to think I'm a bit of a short story telly, but I agree, it would seem you have been treated badly and some how you get it sorted, if anybody ask me for advice I will point them to your post, so with that behind us, let me wish you and your family a Happy Christmas from my house to yours be well Agman

    1. Hi, Terence. Those are only my interpretation of the rules and I don't want to begin a war with a big company that I can't win. If I'm wrong I would be delighted, heaven knows I'd like some money for the approx 50 books I've sold.