Thursday, 9 January 2014

I found out what "Daddy" portended.

So finally I managed to get my spawn to tell me what the dreaded word meant.

   She hadn't trashed anything; her horse hasn't run amok and mated with the most expensive prize-winning mare in the next field and she didn't drive over my motorbike in a moment of idle carelessness. But what she wants, almost as an afterthought and just as unobtainable as a brand new stallion right out of the box is this:


Many people in the US won't have heard of Vauxhaul. It's a low to mid range car company in the UK who are owned by GM along with just about every other car maker VW haven't already bought or doesn't want.

    'Can you buy me this, daddy? It doesn't cost much.' 

   Yeah, right, like I can afford that. I'll just nip and out buy one at the same time as my new Harley and the Gulfstream I've been meaning to pick up, and the  Maseratti I've been toying with.

On a more sombre note, the fine author Lindsey J Parsons has passed away. Some of you will know her from Vortex and other fine novels. My thoughts are with her family at this sad time.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Lindsey J Parsons. Very sad.

    Well, um, words escape me again. I will say, I've never heard of this car, but it's quite nice looking. Get it for her. She's a sweet girl.

  2. It's called an "Adam" and she'll trash it in a week. I'm so not going to sell my soul for this week's plaything.

  3. Oh go on you know you want to spoil her!
    I agree. It is very sad news about Lindsey Parsons.

  4. I spoil her to death, already.
    It is a pity about Lindsey, a nice person and great writer.