Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Zit-man returns.

I believe I may have mentioned this in passing. In fact I know I have; just yesterday in fact. But if I can’t talk about it on my own blog then where can I? As usual my family aren’t interested since my books don’t really feature people sleeping with/killing/marrying/running away with their next door neighbours’ brother, father, dog, best or worst friend. In fact typical soap opera faire.
    Thus my new book Spawn of Kongomato is now on sale. I revised it 1.000000000001 times so hopefully it’s good. And as I am not enrolling in KDP I’ve also published with Smashwords and Draft2digital – a really cool and free place, by the way, who also place it with about another six other outlets. Through them I even sold a novel on iTunes a few weeks ago.
    Natch, I hope I sell a zillion copies but ultimately I just like to write, thus the sixth edit of Book of Pain begins tomorrow. I’m regaining some sensation in my fingers and I believe I see the slightest trace of new skin forming. Maybe the penicillin is working after all – I hope so. Zit Man has to go back to work tomorrow, and luckily I work for an internet based company so visitors are rare, non-existent in fact – just like the revenue from my novels for the last two weeks.
    Who cares, I never liked Porsche’s, anyway.


  1. It's a term of affection from my daughter.

  2. Poor you, the scratching thing must be horrid. Hope you are over the worst. I hesitate to ask but will SoK be available in paperback? I remember you saying something about getting one copy printed for yourself? If you do would it be possible to get two copies? I would gladly pay. I just have this old-fashioned thing about reading a book and then standing it on my bookshelf. Besides I would like to put it next to Kongomato. Please don’t go to any unnecessary expense or anything, if it’s only available as a download thingy I will be happy to read it like that. Thanks Barbara.

  3. I'll be beginning the process this weekend. I can't wait to add another to my meagre collection. If all goes well it should take about two weeks. I love Ebooks but there's still nothing like the feel of a real book - if one can count CreateSpace as a real book.

  4. Oh goody, I can’t wait to see what happens. Night.

  5. It will soon be over...won't it? Kongomato deserves lots of sales. It's such a great read.