Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Draft2Digital sent me a free book

In my short break from writing in an attempt to actually sell some of my work - forgive the split infinitive - Draft2Digital sent me a book for free, I mean nothing. Now there's a novelty. It's called "Let's get digital" by David Gaugheran. Download instructions here.

   What an amazing book. It has completely overturned my (limited) knowledge and understanding of marketing and I'll be taking up some of his ideas with immediate effect. That's not to say that they will all work; and in fact might just be his own opinions and results, but it would be foolish not to give them a go.

   I don't think I'm breaking any publishing laws by telling you of it since it is freely advertised. I'll be working hard with his ideas and will let you know if they bring me any success. 

   Meanwhile if anyone else has any gems they'd like to share then don't be bashful. I'm only selling about twenty copies per month, and while I'm happy to be selling any at all, a lot more would be great.


  1. I wish I was selling twenty copies a month! Lucky you! :)

  2. Well it's not exactly twenty. That's more of an average.

  3. Thanks for the link. I'm with Kay. I'm happy if any of my books sell.