Monday, 4 March 2013

Hoodies cover revamp.

It's not so much a revamp as a complete overhaul. 

    This is what I've been working with for my new cover. It's not finished yet but at least it's different. 

   The old one:

   And the new one, perhaps:

   Are my Hoodies too small? Is it rubbish, better, worse, or even just average?


  1. I think it is more eye catching than the first.

  2. Thank you. I've changed it now. My lads were too small. They looked positively microscopic.

  3. I like the first one more than the second. Good luck with your book.

  4. Thank you for responding. I prefer the first one as well. I just thought I'd do something to boost sales, but maybe I'll leave it alone.

  5. I think the second one grabs me a little bit more, but they are both appealing for different reasons. I especially like the colors used in the second one. Maybe trying the new one for a little while would give you an idea if a new cover will help to boost sales. :)

    Best of luck!

  6. That's a good idea. I even painted it in the huge size smashwords demands. I might just try it.

    1. I tried to upload my new cover to smashwords. They said it was fuzzy. Ho hum.

  7. I don't know which one I like better... hmmm... colors are brighter on the second but I like the size of the hoodies on the first. And space shows it's sci-fi. Hmmmmm...

  8. Smashwords decided it, already. It's too fuzzy and they won't accept it.
    The first one is more representative but I still don't like it.