Saturday, 7 February 2015

How long can I go on without violence before the readers becomes terminally bored?

I usually begin my novels with a hook. I do it within the first sentence if possible because as we all know it's important to get the reader before the end of the first page or we've lost him/her forever.

   Hopefully I've done that with my newest novel. A little bit of a cliffhanger-ette to entice them onto the second page. Indeed I filled the first few pages with hopefully exciting revelations. The only problem is, I now have to go for an unknown time before the story really begins.

   I've tried to keep the surprises rolling; some quite alarming bumps along the way, and the promise of more devilish events yet to happen. Will that be enough I wonder? Will my readers wait until it really begins in earnest. In truth I don't really know when that will be for this is one of my panster novels. The first five pages were easy. From there on I have no idea what's going to happen outside an ultimate battle of titanic proportions between...well that's enough of that.

   I know my previous novels have stuck more or less to the convention of grabbing them and keeping them gripped - or at least I hope I have. I suppose I'll just have to finish the whole thing, leave it for a few weeks and then come back to it. if it's boring, then despite it being my own work, hopefully I'll realise it and rework the first quarter.

   This is why I love writing. I have no idea what's going to happen to my character(s) until it does. In a couple of my works I've known from day one, but that's a rarity. I don't even know whether this will be a single or perhaps the start of a series. Lets see what my feverish imagination can conjure up.

    On with the typing.


  1. Your books do grip the reader. They're certainly hard to set down and walk away.

  2. thank you kindly. Just wait for my next one.