Thursday, 12 March 2015

Talk about getting ahead of myself.

I'm only a hundred or so pages into Kongomato 3 but already I've designed a cover which I may or may not use when it's finished. A little primitive, I know but I did so enjoy trashing a city I'm forced to drive through every day.

   Just for a change I actually know how this novel is going to end. It has to be the final in the trilogy so my vengeance will be complete - whether on the creatures or the city you'll have to wait to discover. Perhaps both. This omnipotence is going to my head.

   And be assured that no double-decker buses were hurt during the designing of this cover. London Transport would be furious, although given the incredible number of permanently half empty buses blocking every street in the capital every day it might be a good place to park some of them. And the bridges are in such a bad condition that it's only a matter of time.

   I suggested to my alleged daughter that she catch one occasionally instead of dragging her car through a city with absolutely no parking spaces, and she replied with a glare of revulsion only a teenage girl can do so well.


  1. Apparently the guys at Top Gear think buses are the worst plague in the history of London ... I suspect if I lived in a big city I'd be happy to have them.

  2. So would I - if they ever moved. They're like one enormous dead worm clogging up all the streets, and the many companies can put as many as they like on the streets because the mayor has no control over them. As for Top Gear, if Clarkson said the sun rose in the east, I'd look to confirm it.

  3. I like it!! And as soon as I get done with this blasted last minute editing I will be mailing you :p

  4. Great. I've changed it a little to show some perspective for the creature's size.

  5. I like the cover. That's a great monster wreaking havoc.

  6. I've changed it a lot since then. I'll do the big reveal when I've actually written the novel to which it will be attached.