Sunday, 27 September 2015

Pirated part 2

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    I've had the day to cool down, and I'm calmer now. Bit my knuckles, kicked the cat - no, not really, even though she did leave something revolting on the kitchen floor - again.

   After hours spent on this pirating malarky instead of writing I've come to a few conclusions; those to which the more enlightened of you have already long arrived, to wit:

    The sites offering my two paperback novels are demanding a lot more than I am, and checking my account at CreateSpace informs me that none have been ordered, further assuring me that upon receiving orders, the pirate sites would simply buy them from C/Space, and charge their exorbitant fees, and that presumably includes the ********** doing the same thing with my book on EBay.

    To be honest the only reason I converted two of my novels into paperback in the first place was to hold something tangible in my hand at the price I set as a keepsake, since in the UK one must buy at least one hundred copies to feel the same satisfaction.

    A lot of the sites pointed out to me are giving them away free, and after switching to my standby computer I clicked on the order links only to be asked for my credit card details. I suppose there are some people that cranially challenged who would put those details on-line just to receive a free book but surely not too many. And as so cleverly pouinted out by so many others, all of the above would hardly be the kind to buy from me in the first place.

    One site even retained the book but gave it another cover, and chasing people like that would be almost impossible.

    If I'd bothered to read the forums of Amazon and Smashwords before biting chunks from my writing table I would have seen that many, many before me have been beset with these problems. Putting out Cease and Desist Or Else orders might work for Americans in the US but would hardly do me much good over here on this damp little island, especially as I'd have to sell 9999999999999000000000 million copies in order to afford the legal fees.

    In conclusion, anybody who wants a list of the sites supplied to me can have them if you drop me a line. For some peculiar reason I won't post them openly in case some of them are affiliates of some of the sites upon which I've advertised them. Although that's unlikely since nowhere are they free. 

    I'm just going to start writing again.


  1. Yep, just got to fix the bite I took out of my desk earlier.

  2. Best thing to do - write.
    Who would take the time to do a new cover on an unknown author. Idiots.

    1. I don't know why they'd bother, unless they're all saying my artwork is rubbish. Now I'm really getting mad.

  3. I can only imagine how infuriated you must be Roger but try not to waste any more energy on unscrupulous a*******

    1. There's no point, and it wasn't something I'd ever considered until yesterday, so I'm not going to let it get me down - too much.