Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It was finally time.

Louis, the nag of whom I may have mentioned before is very ill, and last weekend it was finally time to do the decent thing.

 That's him, the little sod wouldn't stand still so this took me days.

    Anyway , for the last three weeks he's been refusing to come out of his box or even stand for most of the day and last week the vet said his blood tests showed that there was nothing else we could do for him. 

    My daughter decided to feed him one last time before the awful deed happened, until behind her passed the lame horse he's been sharing his private field with for the last three weeks. 

    He has to have his own field because Limping Louis can't have grass as a result of his Laminitis, on top of his Cushings disease - and because he hates people but he most especially hates other horses. 

   The moment, the very nano second he realised he no longer had to share the field with another horse he almost smashed the stable door in his eagerness to get out and after dragging my daughter through the stable yard like a rag doll spent twenty minutes bucking, neighing and rolling about in the horse droppings like a young colt.

    The next day when my daughter arrived he'd burrowed out of his box and she found him in the communal hay barn stuffing his furry face like a maniac.

    The old git was just in a bad mood and now he's just like his usual aggravating self.

    We know he doesn't have too long but as while he's back to his old irascible ways we're going to leave him to enjoy his solitude

    It's good to see the old Louis back for a while.


  1. LOL! well at least he's better for now!

    1. It won't last long because he is over twenty six but just for a while it's good to see him up and around.

  2. Good on Louis he obviously intends to enjoy himself.

    1. He does enjoy himself most of the time provided he doesn't see any people or horses, or in fact anything which annoys him, - which is a very long list.

  3. What a strange horse. But good for him!

  4. Really strange. Me and him's gonna come to blows.