Saturday, 5 December 2015

Is it nearly time for bed?

I got what I wanted. I finally got a job. Not for want of trying but things are not what the British government would have us all believe. 

   I can confirm that milk and honey does not drip down from the trees; neither do the streets positively sparkle with gold.

    Nevertheless I got a job -  and it's killing me.

Right, got that over with.

    We're enjoying a hurricane in england today. The Met office are calling it a storm but they haven't been blown straight over three lanes of a motorway on a motorbike and directly towards the maw of a grinning truck coming the other way. It was quite fun.

    Usually, whenever I go round corners I try to take the bike down low because I enjoy it. Just because she got the heels of both shoes torn off on one particularly exuberant ride one day, my wife won't ride with me anymore. I mean, they couldn't have been really expensive since everyone knows that shoes are not spelt Choos. Must have been some cheap knock-off.

    Has anyone noticed that our cumulative page veiws on Blogger are behaving a little erratically. Not the daily views but the monthly views so far. I've been from 1200 to 125, and then back to 900 before the figure just as quickly reduced to 28 - in the last two weeks. I had a conversation with Google, a one sided conversation, acutally as they haven't answered me. Is it just my blog or everyone's?


  1. I can't log into my Blogger account via my computer.

  2. I've been having a few probs recently, and my monthly viewing figures are still bobbing about all over the place.

  3. Blogger is owned by google now. Does that explain it? It does to me.