Friday, 1 April 2016

The painting's coming on but I feel the need to write.

Even I can see that the painting's coming on a little. The only thing is, as much as I like to paint landscapes, it's not going to do my book covers a lot of good.

 As soon as I get it out of my system I'll get down to some real work.

 Those above and this:
 pointless piece of messing about were all done in Dogwaffle Artist 10, which is only £18 and I think about $27. It has so much stuff that at that price you really should take a look. Project dogwaffle


  1. Wow, this has such good effects.

  2. I love this software, but I still finish it off with GIMP

  3. They are really very good Roger. The first one is so realistic it almost looks like a photograph.

  4. Well actually; no it really is one of mine. I've done one more and it's now out of my system. Time to begin real painting.