Sunday, 9 September 2012

I don't believe in luck but...

I really don't believe in luck, whether good bad or indifferent. I also refuse to believe in  destiny since that would presuppose that God or one of his/her helpers sat round a table every day deciding just whose day to spoil or make the best of their lives.

   However, whilst driving a very old and presumably expensive classic Rolls Royce down the motorway today, several passing drivers signalled to me. As usual I ignored them since whenever I drive something good like a Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, etc, somebody always gives me the middle finger salute.

  It was only when I pulled into the owner's driveway that the roller made a disgusting sound, a little like a bodily function. I needn't go into detail. By that time I was moving about three miles per hour and when I pressed the brake pedal, nothing happened. I stopped the car with the parking break, vastly relieved that this hadn't happened on the motorway. 

   When I checked the brake fluid reservoir, it was empty. That's what the other drivers must have been telling me: of the long stream of brake fluid dribbling from the car. When I think of the carnage a two ton Rolls would have made, I might just reconsider my stance on luck, or fortune.


  1. Hugs and chocolate to you, Roger.

    1. I'll take the hugs, thank you; but I'm on a permanent diet. Enjoy the chocs for me.

  2. I've had things like that happen to me before and its very hard not to dwell on the 'what might have been's' while marvelling at having a lucky escape.
    Sounds like a lot of fun to be able to drive so many classic cars. Must be quite amusing to see the reactions you get - hope you keep your nose in the air and look suitably snooty!

  3. I do and it's hard not to look smug when I have a Diablo or Mercedes SLR. The things I have to do to earn a living.

  4. You were lucky to make it back safely. Scary.

  5. Good job I kept it below a hundred.

  6. That reminded me of the time years ago when I was driving my turquoise (yes, I know!) MR2 – this was a very long time ago you understand! I though I was the Bees Knees so when the chap in the car behind started honking his horn and waving his arms, I just tossed my (then) long hair and drove faster. It was only when I had to stop at a red traffic light that he could jump out of his car sprint up the road and bang against the side of my car. It turns out one of the rear tyres was completely flat and I was totally oblivious! Not only did he probably save a very nasty accident he also insisted on changing the tyre for me.

  7. Not the old I'll-drive-with-a-flat-tyre gag.
    It never works for me. Can't think why.