Thursday, 16 June 2016

I've got nothing against zombies but...

I spent half an hour on Amazon today. I've finally got a little time and just finished re-re-re-reading Stephen King's The Stand for the final time. So I thought I'd find another apocalypse book.
    I don't know what it is about the end of the world novels but I like reading them, and have read a lot but I'm getting a bit tired of zombies. There are plenty, a plethora you might say of end-of-the -world zombie books, and some of them are pretty good. A few were excellent. But I'd just like to read one without zombies, or the un-dead. Perhaps King has spoilt me, although even that was only great until approximately half way through when it became and remained maudlin and predictable. I  continued because I read every new book I buy at least six times. I know, a little sad.
    Thus it behooves me, I think, to write my own. Unless, that is, someone can offer me an alternative sans zombies. 
    This might make a decent cover, although a little obvious perhaps.
    Royal Ascot tomorrow - whoohoo!

    While the bosses are getting sqiffy maybe I can find a good end of the world novel, although the village of Ascot after the races is a good impersonation of it.


  1. I've come up with the plot. It aint going to be pretty.