Sunday, 18 September 2016

Book of Pain Mk2 finally done.

After messing about for over two weeks on the brand new bluetooth keyboard I bought for my tablet which turned out to be utter rubbish, and now resides in the garbage bin, I finally went back to the even more awful virtual keyboard that came with it. And I've finished new and hopefully improved version of The Book of Pain. 
    I thought I'd done it properly the first time, but after years of pleading my daughter finally deigned to read one of my books and immediately pointed out several thousand errors with great glee. Apparently the pages of the proof copy were just the wrong shade of cream, and the cover material aesthetically unpleasing (her words). In fact it was about thirty errors in all, but those which I should have picked up before uploading it the last time.
    CreateSpace is churning over the paperback edition since I changed the rear cover yet again after spotting another spelling mistake, while Amazon is doing same with the Kindle version. If all goes well they'll be up in a couple of days.  
     Now I can go back to my newest novel - Kongomato 4, which is burning a hole in my brain. In my feverish mind, at least, I've already sent several thousand people to grizzly, horrible ends. Can't wait to get typing.

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