Saturday, 8 October 2016

Buying stuff online

Because I don't get home so much any more and my raging need to write is just as strong as ever, I bought from Amazon a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet which is where all my writing is done at the moment.
    I waited with avid anticipation because my virtual keyboard is rubbish. 
      It arrived three days later and looked great, smelt great and the keys were nice and big to suit my clumsy fingers. Then I did the stupidest thing by reviewing it before really trying it out. Now I'm not the fastest typist in the world, but I had to stop every five seconds to let the words catch up with me - oh, and the spacebar didn't work very often. At the end of every sentence I would have to spend twice as long as it took to type the line just to separate all the words.
      So I dumped that one and ordered another; a model upon which I'd written two novels before my pounding smashed it to pieces on an earlier ten inch tablet.
      This one has a cable which attaches to the tablet and is much faster than bluetooth. Never mind I thought, I can live with the aesthetics of it. And yesterday, three weeks after ordering it, the thing finally arrived. The only thing was that it has a standard sized USB plug on the cable. Why on earth would they put a standard plug on a keyboard destined for a 7/8 inch tablet?
    Thank heavens for Maplins is all I can say.
    Today I managed to find a USB/microUSB converter. That it cost nearly double what I paid for the keyboard is too bad. Now I just hope I can get on with it even though the actual keys are a lot smaller than my podgy fingers, so writing my next tome might take a while.
      This is in no way a defamation of Amazon's wares, but more my carelessness in not reading the reviews before parting with my money.


  1. I feel your pain. My tablet comes with a cute little keyboard that's way too small for my giant fingers, so I plugged in a USB keyboard ... but in the end, despite the portability, the whole setup was just too small for me. We just recently took delivery of a new, full-sized laptop.

  2. I'd love to do that but I don't have enough room inside my rucksack which I have to wear when I ride my motorbike to work. Maybe I should just go back to pen and paper.

    1. My wife won't let me buy a motorbike, so that's not a big problem for me.

    2. My wife orders me about most of the time, but when it comes to my motorbike - she keeps it shut.

  3. I don't know what all the hype is over bluetooth. I have bluetooth headphones and I'm not fond of them. I'm glad you got a keyboard that's working.

  4. It's a little small when I'm squished up in the driver's seat but it does the job. Maybe I should stop driving when I'm doing it.

  5. It's a little small when I'm squished up in the driver's seat but it does the job. Maybe I should stop driving when I'm doing it.