Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Even the flora isn't safe.

After spending hours driving around London today, I finally found a parking space despite one taxi driver offering to rip out my lungs, almost being beheaded by a cyclist carrying something very sharp, and walking away from someone bartering with me as to which organ he was going to remove.
    But it seems that not only the people in this sometimes hostile city catch all the bile. Not even the shrubbery is spared their vitriol.

Poor little fellow. I'm surprised it managed to grow at all breathing in the vile brew that passes for air in this place.


  1. That is just unkind – go write something nice on it before it curls up and dies. :)

  2. I patted it on the trunk and said "never mind", much the amusement of three construction workers; one of whom may have been female, and invited me to do the same thing to him/her.

  3. Love it - good on you! I think I would have been tempted to take him/her up on their offer, but then I am a little bonkers. I shouted at a poor man in his own garden the other day because he was shouting at his dog. He called me a "silly cow" which was probably fair. My poor husband was mortified especially I was threatening him (the man not my husband) with all kinds of retribution. I blame it on all the violent books I’ve been reading recently – you see it is all your fault! ;-)

  4. No; she/he was even uglier than me.
    Well after Kongo 4, maybe you should put a lock on your knife drawer.

  5. Shame on whoever did that. We had a guy here recently that went through two cities breaking even younger trees. He finally got caught and told the police, it was the trees' fault. They started it.

  6. There are some really weird people about. Good to know it's not just here.