Saturday, 15 October 2016

Just another day

The horse has an ulcer.
Harley the cat came home infected with Mites and now we're all bitten.
Sassy (the other cat) tried to bite my face off.
I nearly went under a truck on my motorbike today.
The weather's rubbish.
I'm bored.

    Apart from that everything's fine. Oh, except that my darling daughter wants (another) five hundred quid. I didn't bother to ask what it was for this time. I just gave that much last month, and the last, and the last. And if she tells me that I hate her and wish she were dead once more time, there's going to be serious trouble. Oh, yes, she wants me to knock up (her words) a new banner for her on-line business. In 3D of course but it should only take a few minutes. It's my own fault for telling her that she couldn't borrow someone else's as they might get a little touchy.

    And just to squeeze that little bit more money out of me the vet maintains that both cats might have different types of mite, meaning that I have to take both of them for biopsies of their scabs, which will of course mean that I have to pay twice.
    I seem to remember the days when everything went smoothly, or that might just have been a dream I once had.

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