Saturday, 12 November 2016

So, anyway, dad.

I may have mentioned this before but now my daughter (allegedly) is taking it to extremes.
    Unlike my wife I can't remember what she was talking about on Feb 3rd 1987 at 2pm precisely, even though she apparently can. Neither can I remember what I was wearing on Thursday the same day, or even more importantly, what she was wearing. I'm only mortal - in fact I'm only a man and incapable of such feats. And I can't rejoin a conversation we were having at any particular moment in our soon to be 34 years of marriage, unlike she who must be feared.
    Now my daughter is having a go at it.
    Yesterday: "So, anyway, dad - can I?"
    I thought long and hard as she waited impatiently, humming and sighing and staring at me as if I was the biggest imbecile on the planet. Eventually after about ten minutes I came up with the perfect answer, and one I'm going to use again. 
    "I distinctly remember telling you - absolutely not."
    I haven't a clue as to what she's talking about but I think that's pretty unequivocal.
    I'll use that on my wife the next time she tries to dredge something from what passes for my brain after nearly half a century.
    I'll show them.

I finally finished my picture. She still doesn't like it.


  1. hahaha and i think it happens only with me .
    you write in very interestingly i really enjoyed your way of expression .
    she likes it for sure read her eyes don't trust words lol

    1. Thank you for saying so and welcome to my humble blog. I believe it happens to all us writers.

  2. She's your kid ... your kids won't like anything you do, unless it involves giving them presents.

    1. I even tried bribery but that stopped when the bribes began to be new saddles, and even a horse. No chance.

  3. LOL!! looks nice, though i think your waves may be going the wrong way for a river...

  4. You're right. I erased the whole thing. It was all rubbish.