Saturday, 3 June 2017

An outing with my daughter.

We had a little scare with my daughter last week and had to go back to hospital. Happily we were out a few hours later. Apparently the haematoma on her brain isn't shrinking as fast as it was hoped, and the pain was getting her down. Unfortunately she can thank me for that. I bequeathed her my absolute immunity to painkillers and anaesthetic which means that she has to grin and bear it.
    So this morning we went out to the local mall with the intention of redressing the mistakes she'd made when taking out a new phone contract without talking to me first.
    That part was relatively easy but on turning around it was to find her gone.
    It was then that I happened upon a great idea. Someone should write a Where's-My-Daughter app. That way she could never wander off. I know the temptation is great, her being female and surrounded by shops and all. And I have a feeling that the app would involve having some kind of transponder surgically grafted inside her skull. But petty details aside I still think it's a good idea which any of you may feel free to write and take the credit for.
    My daughter (allegedly) wasn't too keen but I'm just putting that down to a little residual bad humour after the accident.

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