Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The end of the world.

I sneer, although it's probably hard to believe of timid little me, but I really sneer at all those poor fools walking into lampposts, or cars or out into the middle of the road because their entire world is SnapBook or FaceGram or any other of the myriad apps for distancing ones self from real life.

    There's never a day that goes past that I don't pleasantly enquire of my daughter (allegedly) and her fiance as to whether they ever actually speak to each other as they enter the house with respective faces glued to whatever smartfone has taken their fancy this week. 

    There is a real world out there I keep telling them and anyone else foolish enough to listen to me. Thus safe within my own conceit I was horrified last night to discover that the internet had gone down. Horrors!!!!

     It was dead and nothing was working. Blind panic and dread washed over me as I realised that I was cut off from the world. What was I to do? Alas and alack, the terror gripped me. Quivering with dread I went to bed to endure a long sleepless night.

    This morning it had been glued together again. So all is alright, and I can go back to being a sanctimonious old git.

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