Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Lancaster bomber just flew over my house.

This isn't the kind of thing you see every day, so imagine my surprise when a Spitfire

and a hurricane
roared over just twenty seconds later.

    Had world war three begun? I know the budget cuts have been severe. We've even dumped all the Harrier Jump Jets, and those euro fighters are a pile of junk. But, really, seventy year old aircraft to fight a war??????

    That's when I realised that it was trooping of the colours for the Queen today.

    I love the sound of those Merlin engines.

    It's been two months since I published my new novel. Sales figures are in and they aren't exactly impressive.


    Perhaps if I'd actually told anyone I might have shifted a few. That's where my writing gene is slightly warped. I love writing, and as I may have mentioned, I'd love a Porsche. But ultimately I just can't be bothered to advertise.

    So, back to novel twenty one. Naughty Mister Snodden is planning how to blow up the boarding school, complete with two hundred and forty snivelling brats.

    Pretty soon my hero will take action. Unfortunately he doesn't know anything about it, least of all the fact that he's a hero in the making. 

    I'm having fun.

    Oh, and this new forced update to Windows 10 is rubbish.

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