Sunday, 9 December 2018

I'm back - briefly

Hi all.

    Apologies for my absence but I've discovered just how difficult it is to work days, and nights at the same time.
    Not literally at the same time, but working days and nights, all in the same week is doing strange things to what others laughingly refer to as my brain. The problem is that it (my brain that is) just doesn't know what time it is anymore. I know what time it is, but on the days I'm working days, I go to bed and sleep isn't there. Come or so, just as I'm supposed to be getting up, I begin to feel tired and spend the rest of the day like a zombie. 

    When I work nights, and get home by about it's easy to have a leisurely breakfast and then got to bed for six hours of solid sleep before waking about three o'clock in the afternoon feeling strangely guilty about being in bed.

    Hopefully it will pass. I am getting old after all, according to she-who-must be-feared. But then she'd know, being older than me. (Sorry darling that just slipped out.)

    Here's (part of) the cover for a new novel I've been thinking of. As usual I paint the cover first to give me an inkling of what's to follow. It's my way of saving myself typing a hundred pages of of notes - most of which will be trashed when I actually begin writing.

    Yes, there is a bit of cloning there, but I'll repaint in my own style - if I keep it. But the face is purely my own creation and I'm quite proud of it. The hue of the eyes are essential to the plot.

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