Wednesday, 15 September 2021

I caught a cold - remember those?

Presumably because I've been wearing a mask for nearly eighteen months, (although not in the house, you understand) I haven't had a cold for about two years. 

    I'd almost forgotten how annoying they were. But after all the lockdowns, missed work - and missed wages, I've got one and subsequently been sent home from work.

    From whom I caught it, I have no idea. Unless the nasty little germs wriggled over the edge of my mask and made a bee-line for my throat, thereby infecting me, I must conclude that there's a new variant, called P*** off-Roger-At-All-Costs.

    Well it's working. Not only am I at home feeling hard done by, but I'm also losing wages - again. I told my boss that I'd done three Covid tests; all negative, but it didn't work.

    Sometimes life really sucks.

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