Monday, 1 November 2021

My life ended last Wednesday.

 Nothing so trivial as a hurtling meteor, or a perhaps a plane crashing into my house. Oh, no; nothing so mundane.

    My computer finally gave up the ghost. And as if just another merry jest, my monitor also croaked at the same time. what are the odds? 

    I was bereft, and hadn't realised upto that point just how much time I spent on the stupid thing. All weekend I wandered around muttering to myself until finally She-who-must-be-feared threatened me with extinction unless I either A, shut up, and leave the house, or B get another.

    So I did.

    Now I'm armed with something I swore I'd never buy; an all in one computer. It's great, and it works, and it's got sound, and ultra super duper high resolution. Unlike the last monitor which was so old I could barely make out anything on the very scratched screen.

    So all is well in the Lawrence household, much to the joy of SWMBF.

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