Sunday 2 January 2022

Happy new year, everyone

 I remember all last year; whilst walking through the streets in London, trying to wriggle past the gauntlet of people trying to foist lateral flow tests onto me. And I, not wishing to be ungrateful, gently shrugged them aside like irritating mosquitoes, as I always kept a couple of boxes at home.

    Well those times have been absent for weeks, and after driving what must be a very lot of miles to find aforementioned tests, I've finally got one. It's funny how we (well, I) always take things for granted until they're gone. Never again. 

    My bout of Covid passed without incident as I had no symptoms whatsoever. My wife's has also gone now with only a few. Thank goodness for the three injections we had. I'm no doctor (my own skills, if you could call them that, were learnt in the Marines, and were the polar opposite of saving life), but I firmly believe that if it weren't for them I would have faired much worse.

    And finally, I realise that Christmas has gone because tomorrow, I have to go to my boss' restaurant and take down all the decorations, and neatly slice the twenty foot Christmas tree we put up in the reception. It's going to be so depressing when they're gone.


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