Saturday, 21 May 2011

Got my novels on Amazon

I've managed to get my novels on Amazon for Kindle.
  I even downloaded a sample of the first onto my own Kindle. How's that for self serving gratification? I began leaving my Kindly lying around, switched on, my book prominently, well morosely, displayed for people to "accidently" see and ask about.
 Unfortunately the whole plan might be a little faulty since I won't let my Kindle out of my sight. I wonder if going on the bus and loudly proclaiming the wonderous beauty of something I'd just discovered, might earn me a few sales. Though, knowing London it would probably result in being beaten to a pulp by muggers and have them laugh at my pitiful attempt at writing before standing on it and returning the mangled remains with a gentle smile of sympathy.
  But that's all right. Sympathy I can take as long as someone buys my book. Can muggers read? Maybe I should begin work on a pidgin English version. My boss might like it.

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